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4th COSMOS Workshop goes together with TERENO

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming 4th COSMOS Workshop, a joint workshop of  the COSMOS Project and TERENO.
COSMOS is an emerging and promising technology for non-contact hourly moisture measurements by measuring low-energy cosmic-ray neutrons above ground, whose intensity is inversely correlated with soil water content and with water in any form above the ground level. The workshop will take place in Leipzig, Germany, on May 5-7, 2014.
The 4th COSMOS workshop will focus on:
-          progress and challenges of cosmic-ray neutron monitoring,
-          applications of the cosmic-ray probe to Earth Sciences and hydrology, including agriculture (e.g. monitoring irrigation), meteorology (e.g. weather forecasting), civil engineering (e.g. slope stability), and many other fields.
-          the strategic development of global COSMOS network.
The main goal of the workshop is to gather scientists who are interested in the cosmic-ray method and its application, as well as representatives from international and national environmental research networks.
On our website: www.ufz.de/cosmos/  , you will find a form to register and to submit proposals for workshop presentations. Please note that the web page will be updated frequently. At this site you will also find support for accommodation arrangements.
Details on the COSMOS Project and TERENO can be found at the project homepages: http://cosmos.hwr.arizona.edu and www.tereno.net.

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