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3rd SuMaRiO Phd Seminar at KU Eichstätt

The third Phd seminar took place this year at KU Eichstätt on 12/13 of December 2013. Professors were also invited this year to the present PhD students and postdocs. A total of 29 project members participate in the all-around successful event.


As in previous years, papers were presented and discussed from the different sub-projects and to the respective questions of the students. The focus of the second day of the seminar was the networking of the working groups to each other. In small groups, it was discussed how the implementation of the results so far is to be made. Like every year, offered the Phd seminar as an opportunity for exchange between the individual work blocks and to exploit synergies between the project participants.


The presentations are available to project members for download on the internal SuMaRiO page "Documents/Presentations/". The next Phd seminar will be held at the University of Hohenheim.


The picture shows the participants of the Phd seminar at the KU Eichstätt.


Winterly impressions from Eichstätt in the Altmühl-Valley.


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